Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We got Estrada! Thank God We Didnt Get Yorvit!

When I heard the Mets were going out after Torrealba, I kept trying to figure out why. I remember watching him play in San Francisco and figured he was just a career backup catcher at best. Why on Earth would the Mets want him? Last week, I was worried that we would be stuck with this jerk for three years and dreaded seeing him in the lineup each day.

But through the miracle of Jesus and Omar Minaya (note photo):We just got Johnny Estrada for Mota! Decent catcher, crappy pitcher, no Yorvit! Great move Omar and welcome Johnny.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coming to Theaters: Nightmare in Flushing, The Return of Todd Hundley to LF!!!

Nightmare in Flushing, The Return of Todd Hundley to LF!!!

No its not The Grudge or Halloween, but wouldn't that movie title scare you? It should scare most of us Mets fans.

With all of this talk about Arod coming to Shea and position shifts, I began to think about the most awkward and poorly planned position shift in Mets history. Though many of you may think I am talking about Mike Piazza's move to first base, I am actually thinking about a move that happened a few years earlier to another Mets backstop, Todd Hundley.

Watching Todd Hundley play left field was excruciating, to say the least. Every time a ball would come his way, he would seem to have one of the following reactions:

1. misjudge the ball for a single
2. misplay the ball for a double
3. dive wildly and surprisingly catch it.

Though I love Todd for the great work he did for the Mets, this had to be a terrible way to go out. In fact, I probably am more scared of seeing one of his outfield "highlights" than of seeing SAW 4.

Image from http://www.allcubs.com/images/hundley.jpg

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moises is Back, and You Know He Can Never Be Whack!

Moises Alou is back for 2008. I, for one, am very happy that he is back on board. Sure he is 120,000 years old and only plays half a season, but he does produce. In fact, 70 games with Moises is better than 162 games of David Newhan, Endy Chavez or any other jerk that is put out in left field. Plus, Moises kinda looks like E.T.

Image from http://metsmerizedonline.com/Players1.html

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Experience on the Streets of Sacramento with the 2007 Mets

Being one of the few people in Sacramento who wears a Mets hat daily, I have had the pleasure of interacting with random people and hearing their feelings on the 2007 Mets collapse. Every interaction that I have with these people seems to go exactly like this:

Random Person: What happened to the Mets? That was bad.

Me: It was bad. The whole team sucked

Random Person: Really, that was bad.

Me: I know. They should fire Randolph.

Random Person: No, he is a good manager.

Me: I blame Randolph for the team's poor attitude.

Random Person: No, he is not problem.

Me: What is the problem?

Random Person: Man, that was bad.

So that is it. The same nonsense all day long. That is how it goes in Sacramento. If any of you New York bloggers could let me know how these conversations go down in NY, I would love to hear about them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awesome Mets Graphics to Take your Mind off of 07' Season

If you are looking to spruce up your blog or MySpace page, check out Mets Merized. They have a ridiculous amount of graphics. Personally, I would like to have this Storm Trooper take Mota's spot in the bullpen.

myLot User Profile

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mets Disaster Clothing: Have you Guys Seen this Shirt?

Sums up the 07' Season perfectly. Click Here to order it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mets Fans: Don't Freak Out, Man!

Obviously, I am just as upset as everyone else is about how bad the season went. However, the bottom line is that the Mets don't need a total overhaul. We certainly don't need to trade Jose Reyes or Beltran for Johan Santana. I believe this team could be back in the playoffs with just a few minor changes including:

1. Cut Mota
2. Sign Castillo, Alou, Linebrink, LoDuca, established starting pitcher
3. Play Milledge/ Gomez platoon
4. Have Pelfrey be fifth starter
5. Fire Bullpen Coach. (I don't care if he is old, someone has to pay.)

What do you guys think?